The Sixth International Symposium
from fundamentals to innovations. BNM-2019"
Ufa, Russia
September 25-27, 2019
Publication of papers

The BNM-2019 symposium proceedings (full papers) will be published in electronic form in the journal IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, which is indexed in the international databases Web of Science (without impact factor) and Scopus. The journal issue with the symposium proceedings will be published in December 2019.


Participants wishing to publish their paper in the proceedings are requested to pay the registration fee «with a paper» by 01.07.2019 and send their paper in English, prepared according to the author instructions, by 01.08.2019. Please send your paper by email to the Symposium Coordinator Ms. Tasha Sayapina: The author instructions can be found at the web-site of the publisher IOP Publishing:

Authors are requested to submit papers in two formats: a Microsoft Word file and a PDF file (generated from the MS Word file). All papers will undergo peer review. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decline papers having a low scientific level, written in poor English or not prepared according to the author instructions, in case authors fail to eliminate these drawbacks when revising their paper after review. Also, a paper may be declined by the publisher at their discretion (due to plagiarism or for any other reason). If a paper is declined either by the Organizing Committee or by the publisher, the paid registration fee (or its part) is not refunded to the author.

Authors are requested to pay attention to the following issues:

 1) Only full papers are accepted for publication in the proceedings (abstracts or brief communications are declined by the publisher). The length of a paper must be 4 to 6 pages for invited speakers and 4 pages for other participants.

2) Submitted papers must be original, not previously published elsewhere. Manuscripts must be prepared using the publisher’s templates, strictly observing the formatting requirements as described in the author instructions. Manuscripts that are not properly prepared according to the author instructions are not accepted for publication.

3) Papers must be written in English. Papers written in very poor English, with numerous mistakes, may be returned to the authors for revision (improvement of the English language).

4) By submitting a paper, all the authors of the paper fully agree with the terms and conditions of the publication licence. The publisher does not require concluding a licence agreement, but they require that all the authors of a paper should the Proceedings Publication Licence of IOP Publishing posted at their web-site:  and agree with its terms and conditions.

5) The strict deadline for paper submission is 1 August 2019. Please mention in the paper the active e-mail of the corresponding author. It may be necessary to contact the corresponding author if questions arise during the peer review, editing and publishing process. If no active e-mail is mentioned, the paper may be excluded from the proceedings.

6) In case revision of a paper is recommended by reviewers, the authors must submit the revised version of their paper in due time (within 2 weeks after receiving the reviewer comments). If a revised paper is not submitted in due time, it may also be excluded from the proceedings.

7) An author who paid the registration fee «with a paper» is entitled to submitting one paper as a corresponding author.

8) Autors are informed that the publisher has a right to refuse the publication of any paper (at the discretion of the publisher) if it fails to meet some requirements.

9) Papers are published from “camera-ready” files in PDF format that are submitted by the authors. Galley proofs will not be sent to authors. After the Organizing Committee sends the papers to the publisher for publication, it will be impossible to make any changes in papers. Therefore, we ask the authors to carefully proof-read their manuscripts. Also, we ask the authors to make sure that third party rights are observed. In case you are using any materials previously published elsewhere, you must obtain a permission of the copyright owner (publisher), except for the materials from your own publications when it is allowed by a publisher without a special permission. Authors are responsible for ensuring there is no copyright infringement.

If you have any questions concerning the publication of papers in the proceedings, please contact the Symposium Coordinator Ms. Tasha Sayapina: