The Sixth International Symposium
from fundamentals to innovations. BNM-2019"
Ufa, Russia
September 25-27, 2019
CONCEPT. The symposium on bulk nanostructured materials (BNM) is traditionally organized by Ufa State Aviation Technical University jointly with NanoMeT Ltd. in the city of Ufa, Russia once in two years starting from 2007. The symposium BNM 2019 will be focused not only on the demonstration of scientific achievements and developments in the design and study of novel bulk nanostructured materials (BNM) produced by severe plastic deformation (SPD), but also on solving a wide range of fundamental scientific problems of interdisciplinary character at the intersection of physical materials science, physics, solid-state chemistry, mechanics and materials processing technology, as well as the numerical computer simulation of the degradation phenomena in metals and alloys, such as oxidation, corrosion, fatigue, creep, radiation damage, etc. Special attention will be given to discussing the fundamentals of the design of new metallic, ceramic and composite materials, the development of new structural materials and coatings, the study of strength, durability and fracture of materials and structures, as well as microstructural studies. The expected outcome of the symposium will be informing the scientific community about the scientific achievements, the research results and their potential scientific and social-and-economic importance; demonstrating and popularizing the scientific achievements, with the participation of the internationally recognized leading scientists, members of the academia, including young scientists and students; strengthening the current scientific cooperation and establishing new ones, forming a positive image of the Russian science and informing potential investors about the latest scientific achievements in the area of BNM. In the framework of the symposium, a special session devoted to the anniversary of Prof. Ruslan Z. Valiev will be held. In this session, the results of his scientific activity of many years will be summarized, and his achievements in the area of BNM in the last 25 years will be presented.
– New trends in nanoSPD treatment
– Grain-boundary engineering of UFG materials
– The evolution of the microstructure, phase transformations and texture analysis
– Modeling of nanomaterials
– Physical and mechanical properties of nanomaterials
– Biocompatible bulk nanostructured materials and coatings
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